“Intentional Living” Mastermind Group








Meets  Feb 23 – March 30, 2017
Times:  7:00 – 8:30 PM  CST


Still not convinced this is for you? 

Most people live with good intentions in mind, however very few INTENTIONALLY choose to live a life of significance.

As we take this learning journey together you will discover how it the simple little things that we are intentional about doing that create a life of significance.

Register NOW  and mastermind with a small group , ten people committed to learn and grow by elevating their thinking so they can elevate their life.

Limited to 10 Participants per group.


Mentored By The Masters – A Melting Pot of WISDOM

8 Week Coaching and Mentoring Program – A Mind Meld of Wisdom from the Masters.

Chris spent decades and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars being mentored by the masters.

Imagine hearing first hand the wisdom she gained from her favorite teachers and mentors John C. Maxwell, Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Anthony Robbins, Keith A Craft, Paul Martinelli and from the legendary works of Wallace Wattles, James Allen, Napoleon Hill…

In this 8 week program Chris shares from her personal experiences, her observations coaching others, and provides you with practical tips for applying these blended strategies to your life.

Each week you will:

Receive a new video teaching and application guide.

Participate in live 2 hour mentoring call with Chris and other like minded achievers.

Share your challenges, discoveries, and questions with a group of passionate leaders seeking best strategies to expand their influence and increase their impact in their organizations and communities.

Join us in this accelerated learning experience designed to unlock your future with practical tips starting with day one.

Sign up NOW for the Next Mentoring Group Launching February 6, 2017.